Transport by forklift

This TransFlex M retractable seating system is designed for transport by forklift.

This is a simple way to transport TransFlex seating systems.

All TransFlex stands have an internal locking system. Before transportation, the retractable seating system is closed and locked with 2 bolts. As a result, the retractable seating system is now fixed and can be lifted.

When lifting, the individual rows are fixed to each other on the front and rear side rails with an internal slot, thus creating a stable block.

This type of transport can be used for retractable seating systems that weigh less than 10 tons.

The disadvantage of this transport system is the relative width of the transported seating systems of about 6m. As a result, some standard gates with a width of 4m cannot be passed easily.
The advantage of this mode of transport is that many employees already have the authorization to drive a forklift truck and thus a separate training can be omitted. It is also very easy to keep a 2nd forklift for redundancy reasons.

The storage of mostly 6m wide blocks usually proves to be very easy in practice, as many storage rooms have the required width.

The TransFlex blocks can be fitted with a matching rear wall and then create a nice view of the rear side. When used in a multifunctional hall, the grandstand blocks can also be used as room dividers.

The retractable seating system‘s depth is approx. 1.50m when closed.
The weight in this constellation is about 8 tons.


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