Transport systems

All ELAN TransFlex retractable seating systems can be moved around a chosen space with a wide variety of transport systems. This means that the stands can be set up freely in a variety of configurations. Depending on the size, weight and design of the TransFlex grandstands, various transport systems are used.

Transport by lifting vehicle

Our TransFlex XXL and XL retractable seating systems are designed for transport via a lifting vehicle. This vehicle comes in different weight classes. For the TransFlex XXL a 30 ton vehicle will be delivered, for the TransFlex XL the lifting vehicle of 15 tons will be sufficient.

This lift truck is equipped with a radio remote control for easier operation. It can also be delivered with a closed driver’s cab.



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Transport by forklift

The TransFlex M retractable seating system is designed for transport by forklift. This is a simple way to transport TransFlex grandstands.

All TransFlex stands have an internal locking system. Before transportation, the retractable seating system is closed and locked with 2 bolts. As a result, the seating system is now fixed and can be lifted.



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Air cushion transport

… is one way to freely move a TransFlex retractable seating system in a hall. The prerequisite for this, however, is a completely airtight smooth floor. There must not be any cable ducts, duct grilles or other surfaces in the floor structure which are not completely sealed.

How does this system work?

Boards with air cushions are placed under the seating block. For maximum stability, place at least 4 airbags under each block. Then a super-pressure is generated by the compressor, the air cushions then lift the retractable seating system, which can easily be moved and repositioned.

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Transport by pallet truck

Our smallest retractable seating system, the TransFlex S may be transported by a pallet lifter.

The pallet lifters are pushed into openings on the two front sides of the tribune block.The TransFlex retractable seating system must be locked after closing. As a result, the individual rows are blocked.

Die TransFlex Tribüne muss dazu nach dem Schließen verriegelt werden. Dadurch werden die einzelnen Reihen geblockt.


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