Leipzig Trade Fair, Halle:EINS

Every year, the trade fair in Leipzig organizes about 40 trade fairs, 100 congresses and other events with a total of 10,000 exhibitors and 1.3 million visitors.

In the center of the fairgrounds is a 19,446 m² glass hall, to which the multifunctional event hall (Hall: Eins), 4 exhibition halls and a congress center (Congress Center Leipzig – CCL) are docked like satellites via tubes. In addition, the halls and the congress center are directly connected by transitions.


The Trade Fair in Leipzig is looking for a solution for staging of the 144 x 134m large and up to 16m high Halle: Eins. The seating blocks should be mobile and possible to transport into the glass hall which is also used for events. Also, a division of the tribune blocks into a 10 row block was expected. These small blocks should be able to be used for smaller events in the remaining 4 exhibition halls.

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To meet these expectations Standworks ELAN Retractable Seating Systems created the Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL.

This is currently the largest retractable seating system in the TransFlex range. 360 seats are available on this grandstand system. The block has a width of 12m and is 20 rows high. The weight of this block is about 23 tons. This retractable seating system may be transported by a special lifting vehicle.


This retractable seating system is equipped with an internal stair system (mouth-hole). Thus, it can be opened from the front and the back. This also has great advantages in the escape route length calculation.

This type of retractable seating can also be coupled in a row with several blocks.

Blueprints and drawings of HALLE:EINS.

Have a look at further construction plans for the HALLE: EINS.

• Size oft he hall: 144 x 134m
• Height of the hall: 12-16m
• Number of grandstand blocks:  12
• Number of rows:  20
• Length of a grandstand side: 12 m
• Number of seats per block:  360
• Gradient:  85/14-46cm
• Drive:  electric fraction drive
• Seats:  single seats (upholstered wood)
• Front panel:  wood
• Railing:   plug in
• Side panel of the retractable seating system :  metal, in the design of the hall
• Last row:   mm
• Weight per block: 25 tons