TransFlex XXL

This is currently the largest retractable seating system in the Standworks ELAN TransFlex range. 360 seats are available on this seating system. The block has a width of 12m and is 20 rows high. The weight of this block is about 23 tons. The transport vehicle for this retractable seating system is a special lifting vehicle.

This Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL retractable seating system has proven its reliability in daily use. Easy handling and quick manipulation of the blocks is one of the biggest advantages of this system. With 2 construction ladders and 4 stagehands this system proves to be extremely cost-saving.

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXl geschlossen

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXl closed

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL Seitenansicht

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL side view

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL Rückansicht

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL back view


This is the ideal retractable seating system for large halls and large visitor capacities.

Up to 5,000 seats can be built in any configuration within 8 hours by 6 workers.

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL was originally designed for the Leipzig Trade Fair, Halle: Eins.

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL mit Hubfahrzeug

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL with lifting vehicle

TransFlex XXL is: extremely mobile

With the help of a lifting vehicle, it should be possible to move the retractable seating system around a single hall and transport it to other halls.

The lifting truck is allowed on the streets and is equipped with a special version with special diesel filters for indoor use.




Standworks ELAN TranFlex XXL halber Block

Standworks ELAN TranFlex XXL half a block

TransFlex XXL is: divisible into 2 halves

The Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL can be split into 10 rows, i.e. the first 10 rows of the seating block can also be used alone if fewer rows of seats are required for a smaller event.

Please note that for this installation you must set up at least 2 blocks in a series in order to create 2 standard redundant escape routes.

Standworks ELAN TranFlex XXL 10 Reihen

Standworks ELAN TranFlex XXL 10 rows







Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL Reihenaufbau

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL row installation

TransFlex XXL: can be combined with any number of blocks

The blocks can be placed side by side in any number without additional fasteners or railings between the blocks. According to DIN EN (European Standard), the gap between the tribune blocks should not exceed 2cm in this type of installation. In order to meet this ambitious requirement, the individual blocks have a laser-controlled exit control, which guarantees a straight-line jog within the specified limits.

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL Partial Closing

Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL Partial Closing

TransFlex XXL has: Partial closing

If the first 3 rows are closed, the retractable seating system may be accessed via adjustable stairs. In these configurations with standing spaces on the ground floor, good visibility conditions can still be guaranteed on the seating system. Configurations with standing spaces on the ground floor can still guarantee good visibility.





Internes Stiegensystem

Internal staircase system

TransFlex XXL has: an integrated stair system (mouth-hole)

An internal stair system (mouth-hole) as a second possibility to enter and leave the retractable seating system. This mouth-hole allows shorter escape routes as as the escape is at the rear of the grandstand.

The stairs open automatically when the retractable seating systems are extended. The steps’ edges can be supplied with LED lights.

A UPS (uninterruptible power supply, independent power supply) as emergency lighting is also possible.