Air cushion transport

Air cushion transport is one way to freely move a TransFlex retractable seating system in a hall. The prerequisite for this, however, is a completely airtight smooth floor. There must not be any cable ducts, duct grilles or other surfaces in the floor structure which are not completely sealed.

How does it work?

To ensure maximum stability, at least 4 air cushions are placed under the TransFlex seating block.

The 4 air cushions are mounted onto 2 support plates and placed under the blocks so that the load is evenly distributed over the air cushions.

The air cushion modules under the load are then connected to the control unit, which in turn is connected to the compressed air system. By means of the air regulator, the pressure is gradually increased until the air cushion modules lift the load off the ground. Under the modules, a thin film of air forms. The object “floats” on this film of air, almost completely without friction, so that the load can be easily and accurately moved and positioned.


• Allows the transport of heavy TransFlex retractable seating blocks in a multifunctional hall, which is not passable with a forklift truck.

• No fixed installation needed in the building.

• The system is not much larger than the object to be moved.

• No point load on the floor.

• No floor wear due to low friction.

• Accurate movement of the TransFlex retractable seating system in any horizontal direction, even in confined spaces, can be maneuvered effortlessly.


• The floor must be airtight, cable ducts must be covered.

• Steps cannot be overcome.

• No ramps as the ground must be horizontal.

Standworks ELAN Leipzig TransFlex with air cushions, mobile retractable seating system in Uddevalla.






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