Transport by pallet truck

Our smallest retractable seating system, the TransFlex S may be transported by a pallet lifter.

The pallet lifters are pushed into openings on the two front sides of the tribune block.The TransFlex retractable seating system must be locked after closing. As a result, the individual rows are blocked.
Then the seating system is pumped up manually with the pallet trucks and can be moved manually.

This type of retractable seating can also be transported by forklift.

A simple and reliable transport system for the TransFlex S.


• Easy transport for small TransFlex retractable seating units.

• Does not burden the floor.

• Passing narrow door openings (about 150cm) is possible.

• Pallet trucks require a small amount of space.

• Mechanical system, therefore not prone to errors.

• Mechanical system, therefore not prone to errors.


• Manual transport, thus some effort is needed






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