TransFlex S

Standworks ELAN TransFlex SThis is our smallest TransFlex product. In the variant of the Innsbruck Olympiahalle presented here, each block is 4.50 m wide and has 6 rows. A part block weighs 4 tons and can be transported with a forklift as well as with  a pallet truck.
As a result, this retractable seating system can be stored very easily in adjoining rooms of the respective function rooms. 2 people can easily set up this seating system. This TransFlex retractable seating system allows a coupling of several blocks.

Standworks ELAN TransFlex SThe special feature of this block is the possibility of loading it onto a normal truck. This means that this block of stands can be locked, lifted onto a truck with a forklift and immediately reused at another location.

This is the ideal retractable seating system for small multipurpose halls, sports halls and small event halls. The stands can be moved and opened without motor operation.

TransFlex S is: extremely mobile

This retractable seating system has a segment weighing about 1.800kg and can be easily lifted and transported with pallet trucks. For easier transport there is a transport trolley for this type of stand. The trolley is pushed under the TransFlex S seating system to the left and right, which enables the seating system to be easily transported around the room. The retractable seating systems can be opened without a motor. This means that an electrical connection is not necessary to operate this grandstand.

TransFlex S: can be combined with any number of blocks

The blocks can be placed side by side in any number without additional fasteners or railings between the blocks. According to DIN EN (European Standard), the gap between the tribune blocks may not exceed 2 cm in this type of installation.

TransFlex S is: the only mobile retractable seating system which can be transported by a normal truck

This is the only retractable seating system that can also be loaded onto trucks and taken to another venue.

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