TransFlex M

This TransFlex system is for 100 visitors. The block has a width of 6m and consists of 10 rows. The weight is approximately 6 tons. The transport vehicle is a forklift. The retractable seating system may be opened only from the front. To create 2 escape routes, 2 of these blocks must be used together.

This type of TransFlex stands out for its high flexibility. With the forklift and two staff members, any seating constellation can be produced in no time.

In the reference object presented here, the whole system consists of 12 blocks. Within a few hours, the retractable seating systems can be adapted to the respective event with a total number of 1200 visitors.

TransFlex M is: not heavy

A block of the TransFlex M retractable seating system weighs approx. 6 tons, a weight that can be transported by most standard forklift trucks. Due to the relatively small width of 6 m, the block can be moved quite well.





TransFlex M can: be combined with any number of blocks

The blocks can be placed side by side in any number without additional fasteners or railings between the blocks. According to DIN EN (European Standard), the gap between the tribune blocks may not exceed 2 cm in this type of installation.

TransFlex M has: Partial Closing

If the first 2 rows are closed, the retractable seating system may be accessed via an adjustable staircase.In these configurations with standing spaces on the ground floor, good visibility conditions can still be guaranteed. Configurations with standing spaces on the ground floor guarantee good visibility.




TransFlex M has: LED step lighting







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