Transport by lifting vehicle

Our Standworks ELAN TransFlex XXL and XL retractable seating systems are designed for transport via a lifting vehicle. This vehicle comes in different sizes. For the TransFlex XXL a 30 ton vehicle is delivered, for the TransFlex XL a 15 ton device.

This lift truck is equipped with a radio remote control for easier operation. It can also be delivered with a closed driver’s cab.

It is also possible to get permission to use the vehicle on the roads. As a result, the retractable seating blocks can also be transported on public roads if necessary.

 This type of transport is used for TransFlex retractable seating systems with a length of up to 12m.

The vehicle drives in a longitudinal direction with an open rear locking towards the grandstand. It then picks up the TransFlex seating system between the two side rails of the vehicle. Then, the rear beam of the lifting vehicle is closed, and the retractable seating system can be raised.

The design of the lifting truck ensures that the 12m block of the TransFlex grandstand blocks can be transported through a 4m gate.

Even longer distances are not a problem for this lifting vehicle.

However, one must consider the turning circle of the lifting vehicle. The event hall must be of an appropriate size in order for the lifting vehicle to be able to move quickly.
The vehicle has separately controllable front and rear wheels. An automatic leveling system is also integrated for a more stable ride.

To operate this vehicle and transport the retractable seating system only 2 people are needed. A driver and a guide. What does this mean in practice? Very low personnel costs with a very efficient transport.

Standworks ELAN Leipzig TransFlex lifting vehicle retractable seating systems at the Trade Fair in Leipzig.






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