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This is a seating block for 280 visitors. The block has a width of 2x6m and 13 rows. This means that this block consists of 2 half-blocks. The weight of one of these half-blocks is about 10 tons. Transport vehicles include a forklift or a lifting vehicle.
The retractable seating system is accessed from the rear via an adjustable staircase and a central aisle from the front. In order to comply with escape route lengths, there are many escape routes, including one exiting to the rear.

The reference object presented here is located at the NEC/Birmingham and its manufactured version there belongs to the high-end range. Glass “by-pass” railings, a fitted carpet, chairs upholstered on all sides and fully upholstered armrests, as well as a TransFlex retractable seating system with wood-tone compound panels on all sides leave nothing to be desired. Of course, this seating system can also be delivered in a different, simpler version.

TransFlex XL is: extremely mobile

The mobile TransFlex retractable seating system can be moved with a lifting truck, but also with a forklift truck.

The seating block is divided into two parts and weighs less than 10 tons. In addition, the handling of 6m wide blocks in narrower halls is much easier and faster. Before being opened, the two halves of the seating system are connected with 4 connection brackets. Later they are opened together. To prevent any gaps between the tribune parts, there is an insert component equipped with a qick-lock system.









TransFlex XL is: High-End

The nose-mounted mounting system, in which chairs that are fastened and folded together on the outside of the stand in a built-in state, enables the use of padded chairs. The armrests are upholstered too.

The floor is carpeted.

The railings have a clear polycarbonate filling that is extremely impact resistant and meets all safety requirements.

After all our retractable seating systems are “custom-made” and thus, of course, other embodiments are possible at any time.

TransFlex XL is: fast to build

Thanks to the “by-pass” railing system, all railings remain in the stands.
They do not need to be mounted or dismounted separately and also the space-intensive storage on separate storage trolleys is not necessary.

Due to our special “nose-mounted” mounting system on the front of the grandstand, manipulating the chairs is not necessary either. When the retractable seating systems are opened, the chairs open up automatically (see video).

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